Saved Reports are a powerful and easy way to get your Salesforce data into Grow without having to use SOQL (Salesforce’s query language).

General Tips

  • Name the reports in a way that’s easy to search for within the Grow platform (e.g. "Grow - Name")
  • You can have a few larger reports including columns that can be used for multiple metrics.
  • Save the Report to Unfiled Public Reports folder in Salesforce.

Grow will pull what is exactly in the Salesforce report - including whatever filters and date ranges that are applied.

Building a Metric

When you go to build a metric, you will want to choose Custom Metric.

Select "Saved Reports" from the dropdown menu, and start typing the name of the report. Grow will search through the list so you can find the name of the saved report.

Press the blue Connect button. Double check that the data is correct, then press Continue. You're good to go!

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