SalesforceIQ’s out-of-the-box CRM system is a sales support tool that transforms the way teams work through data-driven insights. This article will give you an overview of the SalesforceIQ/Grow integration.

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Below is a list of the endpoints that the SalesforceIQ/Grow integration offers, along with a short description.

Lists: All lists created within the Grow user’s SalesforceIQ account. List reports include list item ID, list ID, list item name, version, status, created date, modified date fields, associated IDs, and additional fields defined by the account admin. Some common examples of list reports and additional fields include:

  • Deals: Owner, country HQ, funds, interest, sector, close date, deal size, description, status notes, source type, team, comments, location, etc.
  • Marketing Contacts: Contact info, current title, close date, categories, department, country/region, etc.
  • Old Market Contacts: Sources, contact info, current title, close date, exported, categories, events, department, country, region, current language, owner, etc.
  • Talent Contacts: Potential roles, sector, location, familiarity, motivation, seniority, core value, current company, email, close date, owner, current title, etc.
  • Titles: Company, title, current company, current title, close date, etc.

Note: A list may be account-based or contact-based, but cannot be both.

Accounts: All accounts, including account ID, name, created date, modified date, and additional fields defined by the account admin.

Contacts: All contacts, including contact info, company name, job title, title, email, contact ID, start year and month, value, primary, end year, etc.

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