Amazon Seller Central puts your products in front of tens of millions of Amazon shoppers to help you grow your business. The Amazon Seller Central/Grow integration enables you to visualize the data about your products in a clear and efficient way, which will help you make informed decisions about your sales. 

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MWS vs. No MWS Account?

The connecting instructions differ a little bit on whether or not you already have an MWS developer account set up. If you do have it, please see this article. If you do not have MWS yet, check out this article instead. 


Amazon Seller Central metrics have an option to “Use aggregation.” Checking this box affects the “Orders by Order Date” report. The “Use aggregation” box orders the data that comes in by the date and time it was updated.

Time Frame

The default time frame for pulling data into Grow is 30 days back.


Amazon has specific throttling limits. This is how they explain it in their documentation:

  • Request quota: The number of requests that you can submit at one time without throttling. The request quota decreases with each request you submit, and increases at the restore rate. Requests are calculated for each Amazon seller account and Amazon MWS developer account pair.
  • Restore rate (also called the recovery rate): The rate at which your request quota increases over time, up to the maximum request quota.
  • Maximum request quota (also called the burst rate): The maximum size that the request quota can reach.
  • Hourly request quota: The maximum number of requests you can submit per hour.

If you want to know more, we recommend reading their help article on throttling.

Get Report List vs. Get Report By Id

With the “Get Report List” report, you have an option to display certain report types. To do this, press the “Select Report Types” button and select the report type you want to have display. Leaving any type unchecked will give you a list of all report types.

To use the “Get Report By Id” report, you’ll need to have a specific report ID (this is a long-ish number). You can find this either in the “Get Report List” report or in Amazon.


Here you’ll find a list of the endpoints Amazon Seller Central offers, along with a short description of each report.

  • Orders Today: Shows a list of all orders placed today.
  • Financial Event Groups: At the end of each statement, the original total, processing status, beginning balance, financial event start date. 
  • Request Report: Request standard reports from Amazon. Read about the reports available on our help article.
  • Get Report List: Shows list of reports with ID, report type, and available date
  • Get Report by Id: Search for specific reports using the report ID.

Questions about using Amazon Seller Central? Email us at or chat in on the site.

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