BigCommerce is a flexible, robust ecommerce platform that provides established and emerging brands alike with everything they need to launch, promote, manage and scale a successful online store. Here are a few things you can expect from the BigCommerce/Grow integration.

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Below is a list of the reports you can pull from BigCommerce, along with a description of the fields available with each report.

  • Products: All products within the selected category, including product ID, keyword filter, name, type, SKU, search keywords, availability, description, cost price, retail price, sale price, is visible, is featured, inventory level, inventory warning level, dimensions, shipping price, is free shipping, rating total, rating count, total sold, date created, brand ID, view count, categories, modified date, event date start/end, condition, preorder release date, preorder message, order quantity minimum/maximum, tax class ID, primary image ID, etc.
  • Orders: All orders matching the selected date range, including order ID, customer ID, created date, modified date, shipped date, status, subtotal, tax, base shipping/handling cost, wrapping cost, total, items total, payment method, payment provider ID, payment status, refunded amount, is digital, store credit amount, GC amount, IP country, currency, exchange rate, customer message, discount amount, coupon discount, is deleted, billing address, CC type, order source, etc.
  • Customers: All customers, including customer ID, company, name, email, phone, created date, modified date, store credit, registration IP address, group ID, notes, tax exempt category, reset pass on login, accepts marketing, etc.

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