Lightspeed provides cloud-based point-of-sale solutions for retail, restaurant, and ecommerce businesses. This article will give you an overview of the Lightspeed/Grow integration.

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Below is a list of the endpoints that the Lightspeed/Grow integration offers, along with a short description of each report.

  • Customers: All customer data, including name, title, company, customer type, tax category, created dates, among other information.
  • Employees: All employee data, including name, time stamps, role, last register, and clock in ID, among other details.
  • Inventory: All inventories, including inventory ID and item ID.
  • Items: All items held in inventory, including ID, SKU, default and average cost, item type and manufacture details, tax class, default vendor, and price, among other details.
  • Jobs: All jobs, including name, type, total work, status messages, created date, and employee ID, among other details.
  • Manufacturers: A list of all manufacturers, including ID, name, and created date.
  • Order Lines: All line items for orders, including quantity, price, original price, checked in, number received, timestamp, total, order ID, and item ID.
  • Quotes: All quotes, including ID, issue date, notes, archived, employee ID, and sale ID.
  • Registers: All points of sale, including name, open, open time, archived, open employee ID, shop ID, etc.
  • Sales: All historical sales, including timestamp, discounts, completed/archived, voided, tax rate, subtotal, taxable/non-taxable, payment, balance, employee, and shop, among other information.
  • Sale Lines: All line items on sales, including create time, unit quantity and price, discount amount, average cost, tax, tax rate, order type, total and subtotal, customer ID, item, and parent sale line, among other details.
  • Sale Payments: All payments applied to sales, including amount, remote reference, sale ID, payment type, ref payment, and credit account, among other details.
  • Shops: All physical store locations, including shop ID, name, time zone, tax labor, label title, company registration number, vat number, contact ID, tax category ID, and price level, among other details.
  • Special Orders: All special orders, including quantity, contacted, completed, customer ID, shop, sale line, order line, and notes, among other details.
  • Vendors: All vendors, including name, account number, price level, update price, update cost, vendor rep name, among other details.
  • Workorders: All records for requested goods and services, including time in, ETA out, time done, customer ID, employee, work order status, work order lines, and custom field values, among other details.

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