Shopify has a pretty dynamic integration in Grow. You can use a single authorization and display data for one business, or if you have multiple accounts for different stores, Grow includes a “multiple authorization” feature that lets you connect multiple Shopify accounts and combine your data.

Here’s how to connect Shopify in Grow.

First, log in to your Grow account and select Add Metric, then choose Shopify from the list of data. Click the blue Connect button.

Go ahead and enter your store’s domain name and press submit. You are good to go!

Adding Additional Accounts
If you have additional business accounts you want to add, connect your first account. Then, once you select a metric to built out, you can press the + button to add a new authorization.

This will bring you to the same connecting page where you enter in your business’s domain and press Submit.

Multiple Authentication Reports
Additionally, you can combine information from multiple businesses onto one metric by using the “Multiple Auths” reports. You will first need to connect the additional accounts (see above instructions) before you can use this report.

In the Select Shopify Report dropdown, you’ll find a list of reports. Most of them have a “Report Name - Multiple Auths” option.

Once you select a report, click the blue Select Auths button. A window will pull up where you can select the accounts you have connected. After you select the accounts, click Close.

You are all set up to build the metrics you need!

Questions about using Shopify? Email us at or chat in on the site.

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