Grow has developed a Shopify application that can be used to generate and send Shopify Report data directly to the Grow Data Warehouse. This means you can get your most accurate Shopify data in only a few clicks!


Your shop needs to have the advanced report builder feature, which is included in the Advanced Shopify plan. If you aren’t already on that plan, we strongly recommend upgrading.

Note: This integration is in a beta phase. Please be aware that we are still making improvements to the app and you may experience instability because of that. If you have any questions about the app, feel free to chat in on the site or email support@grow.com


During this beta phase, the Grow - ShopifyQL app is not listed on the Shopify app store. To install the app, you'll need to follow the steps below.

First, log in to your Shopify store.

Copy the following URL, open a new tab, and paste it into a browser (but don't press enter yet). You will need to customize the URL by replacing the shop in the URL below (shop.myshopify.com) with your shop’s subdomain. (This will make this URL match your Shopify store address.)


Once you have customized your URL to have your shop subdomain, press enter. This will bring you to an installation page. Go ahead and press the “Install unlisted app” button.

This will install the application. And that's it!

Need to send reports to Grow? Check out this article.

Questions? Email us at support@grow.com or chat in on the site.

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