ShopifyQL is a query language used to get data from the Shopify Analytics API. It is structured similarly to SQL. Grow has developed a Shopify application and integration that can be used to generate and send Shopify report data directly to Grow in a dataset.

Note: This integration is in a beta phase. Please be aware that we are still making improvements to the app and you may experience instability because of that. Feel free to chat in on our site or email if you have questions.



In order to use this integration, your shop needs to have the advanced report builder feature, which is included in the Advanced Shopify plan. If you aren’t already on that plan, we strongly recommend upgrading.

When you authorize Grow to use ShopifyQL for the first time, you may need to provide your credentials twice. The first time is to provide the credentials that Grow will use to make calls to the API, and the second is to authorize Grow to access your Shopify data.


Given that ShopifyQL is a query language, there are no set reports. Instead, you write ShopifyQL queries to pull your data. You can find some common ShopifyQL queries here.

Questions about ShopifyQL? Email us at or chat in on the site.

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