Here's how to connect your WooCommerce account to Grow.

First, log in to your Grow account and press Add Metric. Select WooCommerce from the list of data sources, then press the blue Connect button.

To connect with Woo Commerce, you need your store URL, and your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. 

There are a few steps to turn on the WooCommerce API. Which can be found on the WooCommerce article here. We simplified the steps from their article below:

  1. Turn on the WordPress permalinks on in Settings > Permalinks.
  2.  Enable REST API in WooCommerce > Settings > API tab and tick the Enable REST API checkbox.
  3. Create your API keys in WooCommerce > Settings > API > Keys/Apps.

4. Select Add Key:

5. Select the User you would like to generate a key for in the User field and add a Description. Choose the level of access for this API key, which can be Read access, Write access or Read/Write access. Then select the Generate API Key button and WooCommerce will generate API keys for that user.

Now that keys have been generated, you should see two new keys, a QRCode, and a Revoke API Key button. These two keys are your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

Copy your keys, then paste them into Grow.

When you've done that, press the blue Submit button.

And that's it! You are set to build metrics.

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