Here’s how to connect to your account.

First, log in to your Grow account and click Add Metric. Select Authorize Net from the list of data sources, then press the blue Connect button.

 To connect your account, you’ll need your API Login ID and your Transaction Key.

 To find your API login ID and transaction ID, sign in to your Merchant Interface. On the main toolbar, click Account. 

Select Settings from the left-hand menu, then click API Credentials & Keys. You may need to enter your Secret Answer to get to the page.

If you have already generated a Login ID, it will be shown on that page. Go ahead and copy your Login ID.

To get the transaction key, select New Transaction Key. (NOTE: If you do not check the Disable Old Transaction Key Immediately box, the old transaction key will expire 24 hours later.) Press Submit, and your transaction key will be displayed.

You will want to copy your transaction key (and possibly store it somewhere), because it is not visible at any other time in your Merchant Interface.

Once you have them, paste the values into Grow and press Submit.

And that’s it! You’re good to go.

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