Knowing your MRR and monthly sales are important, but sometimes you also need to know how much cash you have in your bank account. Grow lets you connect to certain banks so you can see your financial information. This article will show you how.

First, log in to Grow and click on Add Metric. Select Banking Financial Accounts as your data source, then press the blue Connect button.

An in-app window will pop up. Here, use the dropdown to select your financial institution.

Once you have selected your financial institution, enter your credentials you use for your online banking in the fields shown below your bank.

Once you have entered these in, press the blue Connect button.

And that's it! You are set to build metrics.

Security: We treat the safety and security of your information seriously. We only ask for read only permissions. We use a widely-used financial information platform for extra security.

To see a list of banks that Grow connects to, please see this article.

Questions? Email us at or chat in on the site.

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