Chargebee takes the pain out of subscription billing by integrating with leading payment gateways around the world to let you automate payment collection, invoicing, email notifications and customer management. The Chargebee/Grow integration allows you insights into your data that help you manage your business smoothly.

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Other Notes
For Chargebee data, dates and times come in as unix epoch dates and times. Grow helps you transform these dates using SQLite. You can read about how to do that on our help article here.

Another thing to note with Chargebee is that data about currencies come in as cents. Chargebee supports a large number of international currencies, including some zero-decimal currencies as well. Here’s our article on what that means for pulling money data into Grow and how you can transform it.

Below is a list of the reports Chargebee offers, along with a short description of the information each one returns.

  • Customers: A list of all customers and associated billing information.
  • Invoices: Details of specific invoices, customer name, amounts, status, type, dates, etc.
  • Orders: Details and status of various shipments and orders, etc. (Order management must be set up on account.)
  • Subscriptions: Plan type, billing information, amount, customer information, monthly recurring revenue, etc.
  • Transactions: List of transactions, by method, gateway, date, amount, referenced invoice, refunded status, etc.

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