FigPay is a cloud-based credit card processing and inventory management platform that helps businesses to spend less time and money collecting payments from customers. Here's an overview of the FigPay/Grow integration.

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Below is a complete list of the reports you can pull from FigPay, as well as a description of the available data within each report.

  • Lines: All order line items, including order ID, created date, order delivery, deleted, status, created by, customer name, post date, paid, deleted, payment ID, product name, price, cost, category, color, cat ID, qty, person, processed, discount amount, discount type, discount, promo, lines name, key, error time, tax, etc.
  • Payments: All payment data, including order ID, post date, created date, delivery, table ID, till ID, paid, deleted, status, created by, subtotal, total tax, total, total paid, total unpaid, customer name, tax exempt company, tax exempt ID, returns, discount type, discount amount, discount applied, post date, paid, deleted, type, ref, batch, auth, amount, time, card type, status, conversion rate, converted amount, error, is duplicate, result, status, balance, account, etc.
  • Time Entries: All logged time entries, including user ID, name, comment, position, wage, hours, start, end, real start, real end, start face, end face, start ID, and end ID.

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