Here are some of our frequently asked questions for Netsuite.

Q: I’m getting a ‘Permissions Violation’ error when I try to connect my Netsuite account to Grow. What do I need to do?
In order to connect your netsuite account to Grow, you will need to have your Web Services Preferences enabled. To do that, log in to your NetSuite account, go to Setup, then to Integration. Here, select Web Services Preferences and enable them. You can then connect your account.

Q: What reports can I pull into Grow?
A: You can pull Customer Saved Searches and Transaction Saved Searches. In order to pull these into Grow, you will need to create the saved searches first. Once you have done that, check out this article to pull those saved searches into Grow.

This does mean that you will not be able to pull Saved Reports or tables of data. You will need to create Saved Searches of them before you can pull it into Grow.

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