Paypal allows you to securely send money, receive money, or set up a merchant account. This article will give you an overview of the PayPal/Grow (Beta) integration.



The PayPal/Grow (Beta) integration currently offers a connection to the Invoices endpoint from PayPal. When you connect to this report, it returns a list of your transactions. Some of the data that it returns include the following:

  • ID
  • Number
  • Status (Paid, cancelled, refunded, marked as paid, etc.)
  • Merchant info
  • Billing details (i.e. email, business name)
  • Shipping info
  • Invoice date
  • Payment information
  • Notes
  • Value and currency
  • Refund amounts, currencies, and other information
  • Among other details.

This can be useful for keeping track how much you spend in refunds, payments, and other types of transactions over a period of time, track your merchant account,  in addition to many other things.

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