Payroll Relief is designed to help accountants quickly and easily manage employee payroll for firms of varying sizes. This article will give you an overview of the Payroll Relief/Grow integration.



Below is a list of the endpoints the Payroll Relief/Grow integration offers, along with a short description of the data each returns.

For each of the endpoints, you will also have a list of your clients. You can pull each endpoint for a client.

  • Checks: Get a list of all the checks you’ve disbursed for a given client and period.
  • Employees: Get information about your client employees.
  • Employer Account: Retrieve the employer accounts for your clients.
  • Register: Pull the payroll register for your clients. This includes a list of each individual employee for a specific client.
  • Tax Payments: Return the tax payments for a given client and period.
  • Third Party Payments: Get a list of all third party payments.
  • Transactions: Retrieve information for all your transactions with a given client during a certain period. This includes department name and code, pay date, pay period begin and end date, and account.
  • Unprinted Payroll: Returns a true/false statement for whether you have any unprinted payrolls.

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