Need to connect multiple instances of Quickbooks Online to Grow? Here's how you can do that.

Only administrators in Quickbooks Online can connect various company files to Grow. If you need to share the data, you can always share the data connection. (We recommend doing this.)

When you connect to Quickbooks Online, the admin will need to sign in. Once they have signed in, they can connect any one of your company files. If the admin connects one but not all, another person could use the admin login to connect other company files. However, multiple company files can be connected by one user.

For example, Grow has two company files: Grow-US and Grow-EMEA, for each of our offices. If I were the admin and was connecting for the first time, I would see this page:

At this point, I could choose to connect to the Grow, Inc. (US) file. After that file is connected, however, no one else will be able to connect that file, even if they are an admin.

Another admin could connect the Grow, Inc (EMEA) file, or I could go in and connect it at a later time. Once it has been connected, no one else will be able to connect it to Grow.

Sharing the data is easiest if an admin connects an organization's QBO instances to Grow, then shares the data connection for each company file with other company users within Grow. You can find instructions on how to do that here.

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