One of the filters in Grow's Quickbooks Online integration is by Vendor ID. This will show you where to find it.

Login to your Quickbooks Online account, open Vendors from the left hand panel, and select the Vendor the vendor you want to filter by. In this example we picked Bob's Burger Joint.

The Vendor ID is in the URL. For example if is the URL, the Vendor ID would be 56. The number after 'nameId=' is the number. Be sure to copy it down somewhere.

After you come back to Grow, select your report. Some reports will have the option to filter by Vendor ID. This is a comma-separated list that lets you filter the data by those IDs.

Paste the value in Filter by Vendor field. If you have multiple, separate them with commas. Once you are done filling out the rest of the data settings, press the blue Connect button.

And that's it!

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