Square simplifies credit card processing for your business by providing the hardware and software you need to manage your plastic transactions. This article will give you an overview of the Square/Grow integration.

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Other Notes
When an endpoint from Square has Location ID as a field, it is referring to the physical business location the app is acting on behalf of. One or more locations must be selected before pulling a transaction or a refund.

Additionally, refunds with a “pending” status will not be pulled from the Refunds endpoint.

Below is a list of the endpoints that the Square/Grow integration offers, along with a short description of each.

  • Transaction: All transactions for the specified Square location and date range, including transaction ID, created date, tender ID, amount, currency, processing fee, payment type, status, card last 4, entry method, product, client ID, cash details, refunds, refund details, among other information.
  • Refunds: All refunds processed (not pending) for the specified location and date range, including transaction ID, tender ID, created date, reason, amount, currency, status, processing fee, location name, among other information
  • Customers: All customers, including customer ID, created date, updated date, name, phone, email subscription preferences, group IDs and names, among other information.

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