Stripe an internet business software platform that helps you accept payments from anyone, anywhere, and build your business. A Stripe/Grow integration lets you view your Stripe data in real time, allowing you to stay up-to-date on your business.

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Other notes
Stripe returns data in the smallest unit of your currency. For decimal currencies, this will be in cents (or pence, or something similar in your currency). For non-decimal currencies (i.e. JPY, Japanese Yen), this will be in your regular denomination (i.e. 1 JPY). To see how Grow works with these, you can read our help article here

Below is a list of the available reports from Stripe, along with a short description of each.

  • Balance: Available Balance, Currency, Pending Amount, Available Amount
  • Balance History: Available Amount, Pending Amount, Fees, Number of Transfers, Previous Amounts, Currency
  • Charges: Amount Charged, Amount Refunded, Card Type, Country, Transaction Status, Date, Currency, Fees
  • Coupons: Coupon Amount, Currency, Coupon Duration
  • Customers: Number of Customers, Customer Account Balance, Customer Email, Subscriptions
  • Disputes: Dispute Amounts, Currency, Reason, Status
  • Invoices: Amount Due, Application Fee, Currency, Date, Subtotal, Tax, Total
  • Orders: Amount, Amount Returned, Application, Charge, Date, Currency, Customer, Email, Items, Objects, Returns, Shipping Address, Delivery Estimate
  • Order Returns: Amount for items returned, Created, Currency, Items returned, Order returned from, ID of refund issued for return
  • Plans: Amount, Date, Currency, Interval, Name, Trial Period
  • Products: Active, Attributes, Captions, Created, Name, Shippable, URL
  • Refunds: Amount, Date, Currency, Reason, Status
  • SKUs: Created, Currency, Inventory, Price, Product, Active
  • Subscriptions: Number of Subscriptions, Number of Cancellations, Date, Created Date, Canceled Date, Customer, Discount, Amount, Currency, Interval, Status, Tax, Percent, Trial End, Trial Start
  • Transfers: Amount, Balance Transaction, Bank Account, Country, Currency, Date, Status, Type, Transaction Fees

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