In order to connect your Airtable account to Grow and pull information from it, you will need to have an API Key, Base ID, and Base Name. This article will show you how to get each of these and set you up to pull data from Airtable.

To find your API Key, log in to Airtable and go to your account page. It will you will find your API Key on the Overview tab. 

Once you put your API Key into Grow, your account will then be authorized.

Go ahead and add a new metric. Under Airtable Settings, you can select "Get Airtable Base" from the drop-down list.

In order to pull information, you will then need the Base ID and the Base Name.

In order to find your Base ID, first click on the Airtable API documentation link below your API Key. You can also Google "Airtable API documentation." (You will need to log in to Airtable if you aren't already.)

Next, select the base you'd like to access. 

Pull the Base ID from the example URL they give in the introduction to the base you chose. (It's the value between / / and looks like apphXmBxHuxynZ2Kf)

Your Base Name is found in two places. The first place you can find it is at the end of the example URL.

For example, this one is called Design Projects (just remove the %20).

Another place to find the Base Name is on the left side of the API documentation (just remove the "TABLE" from the name)

Populate these values into the respective fields in Grow and hit Connect. 

You should be good to go!

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