Here’s how to connect your Amazon S3 account to Grow.

First, log in to your Grow account and click Add Metric. Select Amazon S3 from the list of data sources, then click the blue Connect button.

To connect your Amazon S3 account, you will need to enter your Connection Name, Access Key ID, Secret Access Key, and Bucket (which is optional).

For the Connection Name field, enter a name that you want Grow to remember. The name you enter is what your connection will be called after you press Submit.

In Amazon, you’ll need to create an IAM user in your AWS account. You can find instructions here on their help documentation. 

When you create the new user, you will need to create credentials for this user, which includes an Access Key ID and a Secret Access Key. Copy these values into Grow. 

NOTE: Before you finish creating the user, you will only have one chance to view the Access Key ID and secret access keys. You can click “Download .csv” to save the file with the keys if you need to see it later. After you have passed this step, you will not be able to see the access keys again.

Make sure that the new IAM User has Programmatic Access, as they will need to access the API.

You’ll need to attach permissions to this IAM user. We recommend simply attaching the “S3ReadOnly” policy to the user; this is usually the easiest. This document will walk you through attaching managed policies to an IAM user.

 If you know which bucket your IAM user needs access to, you are welcome to use our policy to give the user access to the specific bucket. Additionally, you can check out Amazon's help article for further documentation.

While specifying a bucket is optional, if you know the bucket the IAM user needs access to, we recommend specifying it. 

Once you have this set up, go ahead and copy the access key ID, the secret access key, your connection name, and the bucket (if you have it) into Grow. Press Submit, and you are good to go!

Questions? Email us at or chat in on the site.

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