Asana helps you manage marketing campaigns, plan product launches, and keep track of tasks and company projects. Our Asana/Grow integration will help keep your team focused on what needs to be done and visualize how well you use your time to accomplish the things that matter most.

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Here are some key things you can expect from Asana.

  • Be specific in what you pull in. There will always be tons of data for task and project management. When building a metric in Grow, be very specific in your data parameters so you only bring in the data you plan to visualize. This will speed up the time to load the data. 
  • Asana’s API has call rate limits. Depending on how much data you’re trying to pull in, it may either slow down the data pulling in or give you an error.
  • Tags in Asana can get messy. Unless your organization is conscious of keeping them organized and concise, tags can get out of hand. We recommend using custom fields in place of certain types of tags, which will keep your data clean and usable. 
  • Asana dates come in as UTC time. Learn how to show your local time here.

Below is a list of the reports that the Asana integration offers, along with a description of each report.

  • List of projects: List of all projects, active and archived
  • Tasks by project: All tasks found under specific projects
  • Tasks by tags: All tasks found under specific tags
  • Tasks by user: All tasks assigned to specific users

Fields within the reports
Each task report contains the following fields:

  • Task id, date created, date modified, task name, completed(true/false), date completed, date due, workspace, assignee name, project names, tags, workspace, teams, parent id, parent name, custom fields

The List of Projects report contains the following fields:

  • date created, date modified, project owner, project due date, current_status, public(true/false), project name, project id, project notes, project status, archived(true/false), workspace name, team name, project color

Questions about using Asana? Let us know at or chat in on the site.

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