Missing a custom integration in Grow? Our Custom REST API connector can help you out. You can start by checking out the articles below.

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Please be aware that we rely on your knowledge in setting up the custom REST connection. You will need to connect your API on your own.  Because every API is different, if your REST API is not working, we do not provide dedicated support for it.
You are, however, welcome to go through documentation on our help center.

A custom REST API can be a very powerful tool if you know how to use it.

Custom REST is a technical tool
. As such, it can sometimes be tricky to use. If you have a technical person in your organization that understands the API you’re trying to connect to, we recommend having them set it up. 

Only brings in one page of data. Please note that if your data is paginated, the REST connector will only bring in one page of data. If your data is not mapping neatly into a table, you can try the JSON path to data option to get more actionable data. However, because each API is different and stores their data differently, we cannot guarantee that it will pull in the exact data you want.

If you are looking for further information about your API, most companies have some form of API documentation. They generally have more information on what data is available through their API and other useful information. One way to find a company's API documentation that may be helpful is to Google (company) API docs .

If you have general questions concerning our REST API connector, feel free to chat in.

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