AskNicely is a great NPS tracker.

You can use the Grow REST API connector to pull your AskNicely scores into Grow. If you have never used a REST API, please read this overview and example. 

How to Connect To AskNicely via REST API
There are 3 things that you need to connect to AskNicely using the REST API.

  • API Key
  • Domain Key

All of these things you can find in your AskNicely account. Here is how:

1. Login to your AskNicely account, and select the book icon in the top menu to find the latest API docs with working examples for your account.

2. You need a properly formatted API URL. The URL will look something like this: http://{domain}

On the end of the URL will be the URL for the specific information you want to get. You can find the different URLs to use in the API docs on AskNicely. For example if you wanted to get your NPS score by day your URL would look something like this:

3. To get your AskNicely API Key and Domain Key, login to AskNicely and click the “Settings” icon, top right. Copy your API Key and Domain Key.

4. You are now ready to connect Grow with AskNicely. Login to your Grow account and click Add Metric, then select Custom Rest API from the list of data sources

5. Begin entering your information. You will need to click the +  button to add another header as both the apikey and domainkey need to be in the header.

The information below is an example. You should enter your actual URL and API keys.

URL: http://(yourcompany)


  • X-apikey: (yourcompanykey)
  • X-domainkey: (yourcompanydomainkey)
  • Content-Type: application/json

Advanced options

  • Request Method: GET

Once you have these options filled out, hit the blue Connect button and your data will be pulled into Grow. 

Questions? Email or chat in on the site and we'll be happy to help.

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