Here you'll learn how to send and email, specifically an email with an embedded Google Form, on a recurring interval. You'll do this by using Google App Scripts.

1) After creating a Google Form, send the form to your email address using the Send Form button. Enter your email in the "Send form via email" section and click done.

2) Now retrieve the email in its HTML format. To do this, go to the menu drop down and click Show original. From there, copy everything that’s enclosed in the <html>...</html> tags (including the tags).

3) Now that you've copied the HTML to your clipboard, you'll need to use this site to decode it. Make sure you paste your code in the Encoded text field and press the decode button. Copy this decoded HTML to your clipboard, as you will need it later.

4) Next create a new Script from the Google Spreadsheet that collects your Google Form's responses ( Tools > Script Editor…).

5) In the Script Editor create a new HTML file ( File > New > Html file ), name your file form.html, and paste your HTML code from step 4.

6) In the paste the following code at the bottom:

function sendFormEmail() {    var emailAddress = "";    var htmlMessage = HtmlService.createHtmlOutputFromFile("form.html").getContent();    var subject = "exampleSubject";    var message = "exampleMessage";    MailApp.sendEmail(emailAddress, subject, message, {      htmlBody: htmlMessage    });}

*Make sure you replace "", "exampleSubject", and "exampleMessage" with the actual values!

7) Save your project and give it a name. Then click on the form.html tab and save your html code.

8) Before moving on to the final step, give it a test run (Run > sendFormemail). When prompted, grant Google Spreadsheets permissions.

9) Finally, go to Resources > Current project triggers and create a time driven trigger to run your form email daily (or according to your needs).

*To set your form email up on a Mon-Fri schedule, just "Add a new trigger" for each day.

this is an abbreviated article from Github

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