Here you’ll find how to connect your Pingboard account to Grow.

NOTE: If you want to connect your Pingboard account, your company must be on a Pro plan in order to have API access.

First, log in to Grow and select Add Metric. Choose Pingboard from the list of data sources, then click the blue Connect button.

The connection in Grow will ask for your Client Id and the Client Secret.

In Pingboard, an administrator will need to create a Service Account. In order to do this, go ahead and log in to your Pingboard account.

Click on the Add-Ons tab, then select the API subheading. On this page, go ahead and click on the green Manage Service Accounts button under Service Accounts.

On the next page, go ahead and click Add Service Account. 

Give the new Service Account a name that will help you recognize it, such as Grow (or something similar). Turn on Company Admin, then save the account.

NOTE: Turning on the Company Admin means that the Service Account will have the same permissions as an Admin, which is necessary to access data on everyone in the company. 

Copy the Client ID and the Client Secret from the next page and paste them into Grow.

Press Submit, and you are good to go!

If you need to access your Client ID and Client Secret later, just go back into your Pingboard account, then to Add-Ons, then API and finally Manage Service Accounts. You can select the same Service Account and view the Client Secret and ID again.

Questions about using Pingboard? Chat in on the site and we’ll be happy to help.

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