Podio is a cloud-based management system that helps businesses better manage and organize team communication, projects, processes, and content. This article will give you an overview of what the Grow/Podio integration offers you.



Below is a list of the endpoints the Podio/Grow integration offers, along with a description of the data each report returns.

  • Applications: All application data, including status, URL, app name and ID, add link, type, current revision, description, usage, external ID, allow edit, allow create, etc.
  • Tasks: All active and completed tasks filtered by project space and app, including task ID, status, due date, responsible user ID, image link, last seen date, responsible user name, group, description, type name, created by, created via, created date, initial revision, text, reminder, recurrence, labels, etc.
  • Calendar: All calendar entries matching the selected date range, including ID, color, forged, busy, due date, category text, type, start date, status, source, version, description, link, location, title, etc.
  • Contacts: All contacts filtered by type, including user ID, space ID, rights, type, image link, profile ID, email, last seen date, name, title, location, address, phone, about, organization, department, etc.
  • Items: All access entries within a selected app matching the specified created or edited date range, including priority, comment count, file count, created date, item ID, link, revision, title, name, status, is active, account number, account type, app item name, app name, creator last seen date, contact data fields, project stage fields, location fields, additional custom user fields, etc.  
  • Notifications: All event notification data matching the selected date range, including notification ID, text, created date, viewed date, user name, user type, user last seen date, subscription ID, created by, type, alerts, comments, ratings, updates, etc.
  • Views: The filtered views available within each app, including layout, name, created by user ID and type, space ID, sort by, private, number of items, created date, type, groupings, filters, filter ID, etc.
  • Search: Access Podio through filtered search queries to get specifically targeted data on profiles, conversations, files, statuses, apps, etc.

Questions about Podio? Email us at support@grow.com or chat in on the site.

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