Get the most of your Smartsheet data by connecting your account to Grow! This article will give you an overview of what the Smartsheet/Grow integration offers.



Below is a list of the endpoints that the Smartsheet/Grow integration offers, along with a description of the data each one provides.

List Sheets: Lists all of your organization’s sheets in Smartsheet;

  • Fields: ID, name, Access Level, Permalink, Created At, and Modified At.

Get Sheet: This endpoint allows you to pull in any of your custom sheets in Smartsheet.

  • Fields: Custom; depends on your sheet.

Sights: Returns information about your Sights or Dashboards in Smartsheet.

  • Fields: ID, name, access level, permalink, created at, and modified at.

Users: Returns all users for your organization.

  • Fields: Email, name, first name, last name, admin, licensed sheet creator, group admin, resource viewer, id, status, and sheet count.

Workspaces: Returns information about each of your workspaces.

  • Fields: ID, name, access level, and permalink.

For further reference, you can check out Smartsheet’s API docs here.

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