Grow offers many file based data sources like Dropbox, File Upload, OneDrive etc. These file based data sources all share a few limitations. 

File Size Limits

Most Excel files are under 5mb, but sometimes you have the huge MegaFile.xls that is much bigger. 

File size limits are currently set to 15MB per file. If you have a larger file, just please email or chat in on the site and we can enable your account to upload files up to 50MB.

The absolute max file size is 200MB. We cannot process any spreadsheets larger than that.

Syncing Files

The files you want to use in your Grow metrics must be in synced folders. If they aren't, your Grow metrics won't automatically reflect changes made to the file in your data source. 

Formatting Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets must be formatted a certain way to sync up with Grow. Read more here to make sure yours is good to go.

Supported File Formats


Note: JSON and XML files can be used but that file format, usually in not going to be structured in a way that converts nicely to a table. So converting JSON to a CSV is usually preferred.

One sheet per dataset

For Excel-based files, you can select 1 sheet at a time. So if you have an Excel doc with multiple sheets, you need to create a dataset for each sheet. 

Uniquely Named Headers

If there isn’t a unique column header, we can’t add the data to your dataset.

If you have any questions, please chat in on the site or email us at

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