Teamwork is a site that helps you better manage projects, customer support, and team communication for your company.  

In order to connect to Teamwork, sign in to your Grow account and click Add Metric.

Select Teamwork from the list of data connections and click the blue Connect button. That will bring you to the following page.

When your team creates an account in Teamwork, you will choose your site name. This is what you enter into the first field.

To find your API Key, log in to your Teamwork account. Then click on your picture in the right-hand corner to find the menu that shows account settings options. Go ahead and click on Edit My Details.

Your account information will pull up. Along the row of tabs, the rightmost one should be labeled “API and Mobile.”

Once you open that tab, you will see a section labeled “Your API Token.” Click on the the green Show Your Token button. It will bring a field up that has your API Key. Go ahead and copy that into Grow.

Once you click Submit, you’re done!

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