TSheets is a cloud-based time tracking and scheduling solution accessible via mobile apps or the desktop. This article will give you an overview of the TSheets/Grow integration.

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Below is a list of the endpoints offered through the Grow/TSheets integration, along with a description of the data each one pulls back.

Please note that for the List Geolocations endpoint, you will be asked to specify a geolocation ID in a comma-separated list with no spaces.

  • List Users: Group Name, ID, First Name, Last Name, Group ID, Active, Employee Number, Salaried, Exempt, Username, Email, Payroll ID, Hire Date, Term Date, Last Modified, Last Active, Created, Profile Image URL, Client URL, Company Name, Mobile Number, PTO Balances, Submitted To, Approved To, Manager of Group IDs, Require Password Change, Pay Rate, Pay Interval, Permissions Admin, Permissions Mobile, Permissions Status Box, Permissions Reports, Permissions Manage Timesheets, Permissions Manage Authorization, Permissions Manage Users, Permissions Manage My Timesheets, Permissions Manage Job Codes, Permissions Pin Login, Permissions Approve Timesheets, Permissions Manage Schedules, Permissions External Access, Permissions Manage My Schedule, Permissions Manage Company Schedules, Permissions View Company Schedules, Permissions View Group Schedules, Permissions Manage No Schedules, Permissions View My Schedules, Custom Fields, Manager Of Group IDs, Manager Of Group IDs
  • List Timesheets: Job Code Name, ID, User ID, Job Code ID, Start, End, Duration, Date, TZ, TZ STR, Type, Location, On The Clock, Locked, Notes, Last Modified, Custom Fields
  • List Geolocations: Id, User ID, Accuracy, Altitude, Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Heading, Source, Device Identifier, Created

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