Zoho Projects provides a project management solution that lets you manage task assignments, track progress, and collaborate effectively with your project teams. The Grow/Zoho integration allows you to track your Projects data in real time and get insights into how you and your teams can optimize results.

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  • Pulling Reports: Before you can pull the data for a report from Zoho Projects, you'll first be asked to select a portal (which is a fancy name for a user, or an auth). Next, you'll select the specific project you want to pull data for. After that, any additional filtering options will populate. These filtering options will differ by report.


Below is a complete list of the endpoints you can pull from Zoho Projects, as well as a description of the data each one returns.

  • Project Activities: All activities attached to the selected project, including activity for, created by, time long, action ID, activity name and ID, status, created date, display date, etc.
  • Project Statuses: All available statuses for the selected project, including posted person, posted by, posted date, status ID, content, etc.
  • Project Milestones: All significant dates assigned to the selected project, including end date, owner, flag, start date, link status URL, unixepoch start and end date, name, milestone ID, status, etc.
  • Project Tasklists: Tasklist data for the selected project filtered by flag type, including sequence, milestone end date and owner, milestone name, status, list name, list ID, completed, rolled, etc.
  • Project Tasks: All tasks attached to the selected project filtered by user, status, time, or priority. Field data includes creator, created date, is reminder set, subtasks, work, milestone ID, description, completed, percent complete, last updated, task name, tasklist name and ID, start and end date, duration, comment details, etc.
  • Project Time Logs: All time logged for the selected project and date range, filtered by user, billing status, and work type and grouped by day, week, or month.
  • Project Bugs: All bugs logged for the selected project, including updated date, comment count, flag, title, assignee name, reporter ID, bug ID, escalation level, due date, assignee, created date, severity type, reproducible, module, classification type, closed, status, description, etc.
  • Project Events: All events for the selected project, including occurrences, duration hour, reminder, occurred, duration in minutes, repeat, location, scheduled date, event ID and title, participants, etc.

Questions about using Zoho Projects? Email us at support@grow.com or chat in on the site.

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