ConstantContact email marketing software makes it easy for businesses to grow their contact lists and send customized emails and campaigns. This article will give you an overview of the Grow/Constant Contact integration.



Below is the list of endpoints that the Grow/Constant Contact Integration offers, along with a description of the data each endpoint returns.

  • Campaigns: ID, Name, Subject, Status, From Name, From Email, Reply To Email, Template Type, Created Date, Modified Date, Last Run Date, Permalink, Is Permission Reminder Enabled, Permission Reminder Text, Is View As Webpage Enabled, View As Web Page Text, View As Web Page Link Text, Greeting Salutations, Greeting Name, Greeting String, Message Footer City, Message Footer State Message Footer Country, Message Footer Organization Name, Message Footer Address Line 1, Message Footer Address Line 2, Message Footer Address Line 3, Message Footer International State, Message Footer Postal Code, Message Footer Include Forward Email, Message Footer Include Subscribe Link, Tracking Summary Sends, Tracking Summary Opens, Tracking Summary Clicks, Tracking Summary Forwards, Tracking Summary Unsubscribes, Tracking Summary Bounces, Tracking Summary Spam Count

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