Emma’s digital marketing platform makes it easy to create beautifully designed emails that drive results for your teams. Here are some things you can expect from the Emma/Grow integration.

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Below is a list of the reports you can pull from Emma, along with a description of the data available with each report.

  • Members: All member listings in the account, including status, confirmed opt-in, account ID, name, favorite food, member ID, modified date, plaintext preferred, email error, member since, bounce count, deleted date, email, etc.
  • Responses: All emails response data, including account ID, month, year, mailings, sent, delivered, bounced, opened, clicked unique, clicked, forwarded, shared, share clicked, webview shared, webview share clicked, opted out, signed up, etc.
  • Mailings: All mailings data and contents, including mailing type, send started, cancel by user, mailing ID, recipient count, mailing status, account ID, month, year, deleted date, reply to, started or finished, subject disabled, sender, plaintext only, name, parent ID, failure message, send finished, send date, signup form ID, purged date, etc.

Questions about the Emma/Grow integration? Email us at support@grow.com or chat in on the site.

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