Infusionsoft sales and marketing automation software built exclusively for small business success. The Infusionsoft/Grow integration helps you focus your marketing and sales efforts in your business, allowing you to focus on streamlining the customer lifecycle and manage customer relations.



You can access your Infusionsoft data through Grow in one of two ways, either through saved reports or table queries. To find Infusionsoft tables, create a custom metric. Under the Select Report drop-down, choose Table Query. Then, under Select a Table, click in the Table field, and the list of tables will come up.


You can access your Infusionsoft data in one of two ways, through saved reports or table queries. 

Saved Reports: Any saved report you’ve created on your account, with the associated fields are available in Grow. This is the best and easiest option for most clients, as it organizes your data exactly as you need it. 

Table Queries: You can also bring data tables from Infusionsoft straight into Grow. Some available tables include company info, contact information, invoices, leads, lead source, product information, and recurring orders. Please note that using tables may not bring in data exactly as you want it, so using the reports you’ve created in your account will be much easier. 

Below is a list of the tables and the most relevant fields that go with each one. 

  • ActionSequence: TemplateName, VisibleToTheseUsers
  • AffResource: Title, ResourceType, ResourceOrder, ResourceHTML, ResourceHREF, Notes, ProgramIds
  • Affiliate: ContactId, ParentId, LeadAmt, LeadPercent, SaleAmt, SalePercent, PayoutType, DefCommissionType, Status, AffName
  • CCharge: CCId, PaymentId, MerchantId, OrderNum, RefNum, ApprCode, Amt 
  • CProgram: ProgramName, DefaultPrice, DefaultCycle, DefaultFrequency, Sku, ShortDescription, BillingType, Description, HideInStore, Status, Active
  • Campaign: Name, Status
  • CampaignStep: CampaignId, TemplateId, StepStatus, StepTitle
  • Campaignee: CampaignId, Status, Campaign, ContactId 
  • Company: Addresses, Billing Information, Company and Account IDs, Email Addresses, Fax Numbers, Names, Phone Numbers, Website for companies
  • Contact: Addresses, Contact Notes, Company and Account IDs, Email Addresses, Fax Numbers, Names, Lead Source, Phone Numbers, Website for contacts
  • ContactAction: ContactId, OpportunityId, ActionType, ActionDescription, CreationDate, CreationNotes, CompletionDate, ActionDate, EndDate, PopupDate, UserID, Accepted, CreatedBy, LastUpdated, LastUpdatedBy, Priority, IsAppointment
  • ContactGroup: GroupName, GroupCategoryId, GroupDescription
  • ContactGroupAssign: Contact Group and ID, then Contact Name, Addresses, Phones, Emails, and Website by Contact Group. Includes Contact Custom Fields.
  • ContactGroupCategory: ID, CategoryName, CategoryDescription
  • CreditCard: ContactId, Billing Name, Email, and Address, Company Name and Address, Name on Card, Expiration Date, Card Type, Card Number, CVV 
  • DataFormField: DataType, Id, FormId, GroupId, Name, Label, DefaultValue, Values, ListRows
  • DataFormGroup: Id, TabId, Name
  • DataFormTab: Id, FormId, TabName
  • Expense: ContactId, ExpenseType, TypeId, ExpenseAmt, DateIncurred
  • FileBox: FileName, Extension, FileSize, ContactId, Public
  • GroupAssign: UserId, GroupId, Admin
  • Invoice: ContactId, JobId, DateCreated, InvoiceTotal, TotalPaid, TotalDue, PayStatus, CreditStatus, RefundStatus, PayPlanStatus, AffiliateId, LeadAffiliateId, PromoCode, InvoiceType, Description, ProductSold, Synced
  • InvoiceItem: InvoiceId, OrderItemId, InvoiceAmt, Discount, DateCreated, Description, CommissionStatus
  • InvoicePayment: InvoiceId, Amt, PayDate, PayStatus, PaymentId, SkipCommission
  • Job: JobTitle, ContactId, StartDate, DueDate, JobNotes, ProductId, JobStatus, DateCreated, JobRecurringId, OrderType, OrderStatus, ShipFirstName, ShipMiddleName, ShipLastName, ShipCompany, ShipPhone, ShipStreet1, ShipStreet2, ShipCity, ShipState, ShipZip, ShipCountry
  • JobRecurringInstance: RecurringId, InvoiceItemId, Status, AutoCharge, StartDate, EndDate, DateCreated, Description
  • Leads: OpportunityTitle, ContactID, AffiliateId, UserID, StageID, StatusID, Leadsource, Objection, ProjectedRevenueLow, ProjectedRevenueHigh, OpportunityNotes, DateCreated, LastUpdated, LastUpdatedBy, CreatedBy, EstimatedCloseDate, NextActionDate, NextActionNotes
  • LeadSource: Name, Description, StartDate, EndDate, CostPerLead, Vendor, Medium, Message, LeadSourceCategoryId, Status
  • LeadSourceCategory: Id, Name, Description
  • LeadSourceExpense: LeadSourceRecurringExpenseId, LeadSourceId, Title, Notes, Amount, DateIncurred
  • LeadSourceRecurringExpense: LeadSourceId, Title, Notes, Amount, StartDate, EndDate, NextExpenseDate
  • MtgLead: Dates for AppraisalOrdered, AppraisalDone, Appraisal Received, Title Ordered, Title Received, Rate Locked, Rate Lock Expires, Credit Report, Application, Actual Close, and Funding
  • OrderItem: OrderId, ProductId, SubscriptionPlanId, ItemName, Qty, CPU, PPU, ItemDescription, ItemType, Notes
  • PayPlan: InvoiceId, DateDue, AmtDue, Type, InitDate, StartDate, FirstPayAmt 
  • PayPlanItem: PayPlanId, DateDue, AmtDue, Status, AmtPaid
  • Payment: PayDate, UserId, PayAmt, PayType, ContactId, PayNote, InvoiceId, RefundId, ChargeId, Commission, Synced
  • Product: ProductName, ProductPrice, Sku, ShortDescription, Taxable, CountryTaxable, StateTaxable, CityTaxable, Weight, IsPackage, NeedsDigitalDelivery, Description, HideInStore, Status, TopHTML, BottomHTML, ShippingTime, LargeImage, InventoryNotifiee, InventoryLimit, Shippable
  • ProductCategory: CategoryDisplayName, CategoryImage, CategoryOrder, ParentId
  • ProductCategoryAssign: ProductId, ProductCategoryId
  • ProductInterest: ObjectId, ObjType, ProductId, ProductType, Qty, DiscountPercent
  • ProductInterestBundle: BundleName, Description
  • ProductOptValue: ProductOptionId, Label, Sku, IsDefault, Name, OptionIndex, PriceAdjustment
  • ProductOption: ProductId, Label, IsRequired, Order, Name, MaxChars, CanEndWith, MinChars, AllowSpaces, TextMessage, OptionType, CanContain, CanStartWith
  • RecurringOrder: IDs for Contact, Originating Order, Program, Subscription Plan, Product; Start, End, Last Bill, Next Bill, and Paid Thru Dates; BillingCycle; Frequency; BillingAmt; Status; ReasonStopped; AutoCharge; CC1; CC2; NumDaysBetweenRetry; MaxRetry; MerchantAccountId; AffiliateId; PromoCode; LeadAffiliateId; Qty; ShippingOptionId
  • Recurring Order With Contact: RecurringOrderId, ContactId, ProgramId, SubscriptionPlanId, ProductId, StartDate, EndDate, LastBillDate, NextBillDate, PaidThruDate, BillingCycle, Frequency, BillingAmt, Status, ReasonStopped, AutoCharge, CC1, CC2, NumDaysBetweenRetry, MaxRetry, MerchantAccountId, AffiliateId, PromoCode, LeadAffiliateId, Qty, City, Email Addresses, Name(s) Phone Numbers, Signature
  • Referral: ContactId, AffiliateId, DateSet, DateExpires, IPAddress, Source, Info, Type
  • SavedFilter: FilterName, ReportStoredName, UserId
  • Stage: StageName, StageOrder, TargetNumDays
  • StageMove: OpportunityId, MoveDate, MoveToStage, MoveFromStage, PrevStageMoveDate, CreatedBy, DateCreated, UserId
  • Status: StatusName, StatusOrder, TargetNumDays
  • SubscriptionPlan: ProductId, Cycle, Frequency, PreAuthorizeAmount, Prorate, Active, PlanPrice
  • Template: PieceType, PieceTitle, Categories
  • Ticket: IssueId; ContactId; UserId; DevId; Ticket Title, Application, Category, and Type; Summary; Stage; Priority; Ordering; Created, Updated, and Close Dates and people; TargetCompletionDate; DateInStage; TimeSpent; HasCustomerCalled
  • TicketStage: Id, StageName
  • TicketType: Id, CategoryId, Label
  • User: Email Addresses, Name, Phone, Addresses
  • UserGroup: Id, Name, OwnerId

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