You can use Tags in creating your metrics from Infusionsoft in Grow. 

There are 2 parts to this. You first have to find the Tag ID in Infusionsoft, and then use that to filter on your metric in Grow.

To find the Tag ID, log in to your Infusionsoft account and navigate to the settings tab.

On this page, there should be a menu on the left-hand side. Under the heading Contact & Company Settings, click on Tags.

Here you will find a list of all the tags you have created or imported. Next to the name of the tag will be the Tag ID. If you want to filter your metrics in Grow based on a specific tag, you'll want to take note of the ID for that specific tag, as that is how Grow pulls tags into your metrics.

In order to filter by Tag ID, log in to Grow and add a new metric. If you need help setting up a report, check out our article here about saved reports.

Make sure the Column "Groups" shows up with the tag ID numbers. For our example, we're going to filter on Tag ID 105 for "star wars." 

To filter only the ones that have a specific tag, click on Grow's filter button.

A window for filtering will come up. Click the blue Add filter button.

In the Column field, select Groups. Set Contains as the operator, then enter the ID value in the Value field. Click Done when you are done.

Be careful not to use the operator Equals if you have assigned multiple tags to a contact or other property in Infusionsoft. This will show the properties that only have the one tag (but none others).

In our example here, you can see we've filtered out anything that does not contain the tag 105 ("star wars"). 

If you have any questions please email or chat in on the site.

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