In order to connect to your Marketo account in Grow, you’ll need to create a custom service, which will generate the information the Marketo integration asks for.

In order to create a new custom service, log in to your Marketo account. Under Admin, expand the Integration sub-menu and select LaunchPoint. From there, click on the New drop-down list and select New Service.

Give your new service a name. In the Service drop-down list, select Custom. Next, type a description of your service and select a user from the API Only User list, then hit the Create button.

If you don’t have an API Only User role, Marketo has a help document here with instructions on how to create one.

When you go back to the LaunchPoint service page, it will show you a list of your installed services, including the new custom service you just set up. On the far right, select “View Details.” This will show you the Client ID, Client Secret, and Authorized User, which you will need to log in to Grow.

In order to find the Rest API Endpoint and Identity, go to your Admin menu, then under Integration, click Web Services. This should show you both your Rest API Endpoint and Identity URL.

Plug all of these into Grow and press submit. Your Marketo account is now connected and you are good to go!

Questions about using Marketo? Email us at or chat in on the site.

(Note: Most of the screenshots here were pulled from Marketo's API documentation, which article you can find here.)

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