Pardot is Salesforce-owned marketing automation software that provides agile B2B solutions designed to boost marketing productivity and increase sales revenue. This article will give you an overview of what the Pardot/Grow integration offers you.

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Other Notes
In order to connect your Pardot account in Grow, Pardot requires that you be on a Pro or Ultimate plan. This is because only the Pro and Ultimate plans allow API access. 

According to Pardot’s documentation, the Professional edition accounts have a limit of 25k calls per day, and Ultimate edition accounts have a limit of 100k calls per day.

Below is a list of the reports that the Pardot/Grow integration provides, along with a short description of each.

  • Account: All account data, including ID, company, account level, website, contact info, territory, etc.
  • Campaigns: All campaign data, including created date, name, ID, and cost.
  • Email Clicks: All email clicks, including created date, email ID, drip program action ID, list email ID, email template ID, etc.
  • Forms: All forms created in the Pardot account, including created date, form ID, campaign name, campaign ID, embed code, etc.
  • Lifecycle Histories: All lifecycle histories, including created date, history ID, prospect ID, previous stage ID, next stage ID, seconds elapsed, etc.
  • Lifecycle Stages: All lifecycle stages, including stage name, position, and is locked (true/false).
  • Lists: All lists created in the Pardot account, including list ID, list name, is public (true/false), is dynamic (true/false), title, description, etc.
  • List Memberships: All list memberships, including created date, deleted (true/false), membership ID, list ID, prospect ID, opted out (true/false), etc.
  • Opportunities: All opportunities, including created date, opportunity ID, probability, prospect email, prospect ID, campaign name and ID, opportunity activities, etc.
  • Prospects: All prospects, including created date, assigned (true/false), assigned to user, deleted (true/false), grade, prospect ID, last activity, list ID, new (true/false), score, visitors, visitor activity, etc.
  • Prospect Accounts: All prospect accounts, including created date, account ID, account name, etc.
  • Tags: All tags created in the Pardot account, including created date, tag ID, tag name, and updated date.
  • Tag Objects: All tag objects, including created date, ID, object ID, tag ID, and type.
  • Users: All users created in the Pardot account,  including created date, updated date, user ID, email, first and last name, job title, and role.
  • Visitors: All visitors, including created date, visitor ID, page view count, ip address, campaign parameter, source parameter, content parameter, etc.
  • Visitor Activities: All visitor activities, including created date, activity ID, prospect ID, visitor ID, type id and name, details, email ID, email template, form, landing page, page view ID, campaign, etc.

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