SEMrush uses a different way of tracking API requests based on the information that comes back. When you pull and refresh SEMrush reports into Grow, you will be charged API units from SEMrush.

SEMrush says the following about API units:

We distinguish between three types of requests made via SEMrush API: lines, calls, and keywords. A line request involves the uploading of data from different reports. A call request should be used when you want to create, update, or delete a project. You should apply a keyword request when you need to add new search terms to your tracking campaign. In this case, you will be charged additionally for each new added keyword.

The cost of requests is measured in units. Units are determined by the type of report or request. Delivering historical data requires more units than live data. One dollar is equal to approximately 20,000 API units.

For example, one line of results in the Organic Keywords Report costs 10 units for live results and 50 units for historical data. If you’d like to list 1,000 organic keywords for 100 domains, you will be charged for 1,000,000 and 5,000,000 units, respectively (1,000 keywords * 10 API units for live data * 100 domains = 1,000,000 units; 1,000 keywords *50 API units for historical data * 100 domains= 5,000,000 units).

We recommend that you calculate your API request limit before purchasing an API package. You can increase your request limit by upgrading your subscription or by purchasing API units.

You can find this and more information on their documentation here.

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