Here you’ll find how to connect your Wufoo account to Grow.

First, log in to your Grow account, then select Add Metric.

Select WuFoo from the list of data sources and click the blue Connect button.

The page shown below will pull up. You will need your WuFoo domain, API Key, and WuFoo username and password. 

NOTE: The field that Grow calls your Domain for, WuFoo calls your subdomain. If you are looking in their documentation, this is how they refer to it. 

Your Wufoo domain is the username you entered when you first signed up with WuFoo. You can also find this before “” when you are logged in to your account. Admins can also find the domain on the Account Manager page.

To get your API key, first log in to Wufoo and go to Forms. To the right of the form, hover over the label “More,” then click API Information from the list that comes up. You will find your API key on this page. Go ahead and copy it.

Paste your API key into Grow, along with all of the other information, then press Submit. You’re good to go!

Questions about WuFoo? Let us know by chatting in on the site or emailing us at

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