Atmosphere is a cloud-based call center platform that helps organizations deliver world-class contact center support and account management across multiple channels. The Grow/Atmosphere integration allows you to track your Atmosphere call center data in real-time, display your key metrics with clarity, and give your support teams the performance insights they need.

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Below is a complete list of the reports offered by the Atmosphere integration, along with a description of the data available in each report.

Agents: All contact center agent data, including agent ID, name, email, active, username, group ID, group name, agent location, external ID, agent custom data, phone username, phone password, etc.

Agents Login Status: All contact center agent login data, including agent ID, event, last login date, and last logout date.

Agents Status: All agent statuses, including agent ID, agent name, status, and pause code.

Account Skills: All assignable agent specialties, including ID and label.

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