Five9 provides secure, reliable, scalable cloud contact center software to create exceptional customer experiences, increase agent productivity, and deliver tangible business results. This article will give you an overview of the Five9/Grow integration.

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There are a number of ways to get data from Grow’s Five9 integration. Below, you’ll find descriptions of each way to pull data.

Set Endpoints
In Grow’s Five9 integration, you first choose a folder, and then a specific report within that folder. The reports differ based on which folder you choose. You can choose from the following list of folders:

  • Agent Reports: Includes agent call time, agent productivity, missed calls by agent, state summary, agent occupancy, among other endpoints.
  • Call Log Reports: Call logs, inbound call distribution, outbound call log and distribution, among other endpoints.
  • IVR Reports: IVR module summary, IVR paths (broken down into different categories), IVR script summary, and visual IVR summaries, among other endpoints.
  • ACD Queue Reports: Includes endpoints relating to ACD queue quality of service and ACD queue time, each with multiple ways to filter.
  • Campaign Reports: Includes various endpoints for autodial campaigns, inbound campaigns, and outbound campaigns. 
  • List Reports: Includes various endpoints for list dials, list dispositions, statistics, and statuses.
  • Contact Reports: Includes one endpoint called “Contact Report Export.”
  • Do Not Call Reports: Includes endpoints for daily do not call list and do not call list contacts.
  • Worksheet Reports: Includes endpoints for worksheet completion, answers, and details.
  • Supervisor Web Service: Includes one endpoint, “Call Queue Reports.” You can find more info below.

Custom Fields
In addition to traditional fields, you can also pull any custom reports that you have generated in your Five9 account. Check out our article here to learn how to do that.

Supervisor Web Service
When you connect to the Supervisor Web Service folder and the Call Queue Report endpoint, you will be able to pull real-time data in for your call management system. This data updates every five minutes.

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