The List Counts Report in the Intercom/Grow integration is both the most dynamic and potentially the most difficult to use. Here’s how to make sense of it.

The goal of the List Counts report is to get counts of users and companies in your Intercom and filter it by different criteria. Intercom uses type values and count values. Grow can pull in type values for Conversations, Companies, and Users.

Not all count values work with all type values. Below you can find which count values will return what data.

TYPE VALUE: Conversations
The conversation count gives you the count of conversations based on the parameters (count value) you give it.
Count values:

  • Admin: Gives you a list of each admin and the number of open or closed conversations.

The Company count returns numbers of companies based on the count value.
Count values:

  • Segment: Returns the numbers of companies that are classified in different segments.
  • Tag: Shows the number of companies with different tags in your Intercom account.
  • User: Shows the companies in your account and the number of users each one has.

The User count returns the numbers of users based on the count value you choose.
Count values:

  • Segment: Returns the number of users with whatever segments you have set up.
  • Tag: Shows the number of users according to your tags.

A Segment in Intercom is a group of users (or companies) that are defined by filters you set. They differ from tags in that users are automatically added to a group (a segment) once they match those filters. Tags must be manually added to group objects within Intercom.

Intercom also provides a slightly-more-in-depth summary of this information on a help article here.

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