Make informed and strategic decisions by adding a Zendesk integration to your Grow dashboard. Zendesk helps you visualize your team’s task and project management and track customer communication. The Grow/Zendesk integration improves your reliability, your customers' satisfaction, and your effectiveness in accomplishing what needs to get done.

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Here you will find each report Zendesk offers in Grow, along with a short description of each.

  • Organizations: List of the organizations in Zendesk along with their details
  • Satisfaction Ratings: List of all your satisfaction ratings in a given time period. (Satisfaction ratings must be enabled)
  • Search: Returns data based on queries -- Read our help article to learn more about the Search report for Zendesk. 
  • Search Count: The number of searches of various resource types, based on the queries you enter.
  • Tags: Shows the number of times a tag has been used in Zendesk.
  • Tickets: All the information about your tickets in Zendesk.
  • Ticket Metrics: Show the times at which tickets were created, updated, resolved, or closed in Zendesk
  • Users: All the information about anyone (any user) who has interacted with your Zendesk (submitted a ticket, customers, agents within your organization).
  • Views (all): Shows the status (view) types and the settings for each one
  • Views (Detailed): Shows the settings and information for one specific view type

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