User Attributes come in very handy when you are using dynamic dashboards in Grow. This article will show you how to use them.

Setting Up User Attributes

Here’s how to set up user attributes. 

First, identify the person (or people) you want to assign an attribute to. Log in to your Grow account and go to your Settings.

From the list on the left, navigate to the Users tab. User attributes can only be added to one user at a time.

From here, find the person to whom you want to assign an attribute. You can either scroll through your list of users or use the search bar at the top of the page.

Once you have selected your user, click on their name. This will bring you to their user page.

To assign an attribute, scroll to the bottom of the page, past the permissions section and past the list of dashboards. At the bottom, you’ll see a User Attributes section. Go ahead and click on the blue Add button.

There are two parts to an attribute: the name and the value.

Let’s say I manage a sales team that is broken up into different pods or smaller teams. Each team is called a different color.

In the Attribute Name field, I would enter Team Color. Give your attribute a name that will help you remember what it is.

In the Attribute Value field, I would enter the color of the team that specific person is on, i.e. Blue.

When you are done, press the blue Save button on the far right side of the User Attributes section.

If you need or want to, you can add multiple attributes to the same person.

Questions about user attributes? Chat in on the site and we’ll be happy to help.

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