Sharing Metrics: Often there is a metric so important to your company that you want it on multiple dashboards. 

Do this by clicking on the metric menu and selecting "Share Metric" and indicating the dashboards where you want the metric viewed.

The shared metric will update at the same time so your metrics will be in sync and consistent. 

Shared metrics only count as one metric against your metric limit. For example if you have a metric shared shared to 5 dashboards, that will count as one metric used.

Copying Metrics: This feature allows you to make a copy of a metric, make new changes and then "save as" a new metric. 

Do this by clicking on the metric menu and hovering over copy metric. You will see two options: "Copy" and "Copy and Edit."

"Copy" will just make a duplicate metric that you can edit later. 

If you click the "Copy and Edit" option, it will take you to the edit metric page. When you are done editing it, click the "Save" button.

You will be prompted to select the which dashboard to house the metric. 

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