Grow offers many data source integrations. Below are the fundamentals of connecting your data.

Log in to your Grow account and click Add Metric. 

Here, you will see a list of data sources. Find your data source by scrolling or using the search bar. 

Once you have found it, click on the name, then press the blue Connect button.

Each data source requires different information. The most common connection information you will need are your username/password or API key for a data source. Grow always connects in read-only mode, so your data is safe and secure.

If you need help connecting a data source, check out the Connecting Your Data section of our help center. Here, you will find articles for our data sources on how to connect and other information you'll need to know. 

These articles are constantly being updated and new articles added, but if you find that we're missing something, chat in to the site and we'll get it written up.

You can also find the complete list of our current data integrations here. This list is always up-to-date as we add new integrations.

Questions? Email us at or chat in on the site and we'll be happy to help.

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