In order to protect servers from being overloaded and to maintain a high quality of service, most APIs set a limit on how many calls can be made per second (or minute, or other time interval). These are called rate limits. 

Rate limits differ based on the API. When you pull data through Grow, this counts toward your rate limits for that API.

Most of Grow’s popular data sources have fairly robust APIs and may not run into these types of issues. We recommend checking the help center for detailed documentation which we’re continually updating. Here are some helpful things to note:

  • Metric Refresh Rate: In the metric builder you can specify the frequency of the data refresh rate. This means every 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or hour the metric will ping the data source API and update the data. For data sources with strict (tight) rate limits, we recommend users set the metric refresh rate to be 1 hour or something that is compatible with that specific API.
  • Account Level/Platform Package: Some platforms increase rate limits based on your account level with them. As you increase the package size with them, they will increase your account’s API call limit. Some data sources that do this include Zoho CRM, Pardot, RingCentral, and MOZ, among a couple others. If you have questions, we suggest looking at the specific data source’s API documentation.
  • API Documentation: Most data sources have really well-documented information about their specific API. You can often find specifics about a data source (rate limits and other endpoint information) by first reading through its API documentation. An easy way to find API docs is to google [Platform name] API Documentation

If you have questions about any data sources or rate limits, chat in on the site or email and we'll be happy to help!

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