When organizing a dashboard, the first thing you’d want to think about is what story is this dashboard going to tell or what is the purpose of this dashboard?

Here are a few tips we use for our own dashboards:

First, place the most critical metric in the top left. This is the metric that you need to keep top of mind throughout the day or on a daily basis. 

What is really going to move the needle in for your company or team? For Grow, we have MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) in this spot on a lot of our dashboards.

Second, keep the sizing of metrics consistent. This can be tricky with different metric types, but it does a great deal to help with ease of data consumption. 

We have an Organize Dashboard button that moves and resizes all metrics to be consistent, and this is a great starting place. (Check out our Organizing Metrics article to find out how to do this.)

Third, organize the dashboard from high level to granular. Summary metrics can be place on top and as you scroll down the page the metrics get more detailed and granular.

Fourth, size the metrics for the display. If you’re going to be viewing this dashboard on a TV then you have a lot of real estate. If viewing on your laptop you might need to scroll more so organize your metrics for ease of reading and reviewing as well.

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